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The historical story behind the DTP service and its importance.

Desktop publishing (DTP) is one of the most important essential parts in the translation process. Where different layout software that used in formatting the needed documents.

In origin, Xerox has firstly developed DTP in the 1970s. However, another claim stated that it started in 1983 by James Davise at newspaper in Philadelphia.

For instance, it was first used exclusively for printed publications. After that, DTP had used for making different forms of online content.

As It is well known among the industry that DTP is considered as the mother of digital typography; Where the reason behind that it can produce typography with high quality of text and images, comparable to the old version.

Thanks to the DTP service which can help both individuals and different types of businesses where it can support them in publishing content widely and give an opportunity to convert content from menus, to magazines and then books, without the expense of commercial printing.

DTP service programs are divided into different types of publications according to needed features:

  • Basic DTP: Tools to control type, graphics, and the layout and format of pages.
  • Special design effects: graphic tools that permit you to create text on curves; image-editing tools and drop shadows.
  • Support for books, publications, and long-sized technical documents.
  • Support for electronic distribution: exporting to various file formats, including Adobe PDF and XML.

To be accurate we have to know that every program has specific usage according to the needs of the publication.

So, we have to understand that there are several advantages of Desktop publishing service (DTP):

  1. Save money and time.
  2. Helps in web designing.
  3. Control graphical resources than a word processor.
  4. Facilitate importing process.
  5. Automatic restructuring.
  6. Used in frames and pages.

In conclusion, as we discussed above DTP is one of the main important tools in translation services and one of the major ways to reach progress in business that help you in many different language and industries.