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Machine Translation Post Editing

Technology hand in hand with manpower

Machine translation post editing, known as MTPE, is the process of editing and reviewing already machine-translated text by experienced linguists and editing specialists that it meets the client's expectations. MT post editing meaning does not only stop there, it is a long and complicated mixture based on the collaboration between man and machines. Editing professionals and experts have extensive knowledge in spotting grammar and syntactic mistakes that machines drop while also increasing SEO. Further machine translation post editing guidelines, the post-editors fix and standardize the MT output, as well as adjust it to the required specialist vocabulary, jargon, and cultural nuances to fit into the target region and satisfy the audience successfully.

Machine Translation Post Editing Service

Although machine translation provides a high-efficiency substitute for traditional human translation by automatically translating millions of words per hour, the most advanced Neural Machine Translation systems cannot compete with human translation in terms of appropriateness and clarity of the translated text. That is the reason Machine translation post editing services go hand in hand with machine translation. If the latter is done alone, the results will be faulty and full of flaws like an old cloth. As a result, DTPZONE provides linguistic reviews by in-house and in-country subject matter experts who stick by the most updated machine translation post editing guidelines which are critical to ensure the best quality and consistency of the final output and delivering it to our near and dear customers swiftly and in unrivaled machine translation post editing rates. If you need speed, consistency, quality, and a satisfying price tag, machine translation post editing is your best option.

In addition to our most convenient prices, we understand that every localization project is unique in the nature, volume, and complexity of the text. Furthermore, the scope and deadlines.

Accordingly, we promise you the best outcome for your projects.

At DTPZONE, we choose the most competent experts to complete your translation and localization services.

Furthermore, our linguists guarantee perfect quality in all fields; Automotive, IT, financial, Medical, Healthcare, General, science, Sports, Military, etc.

So, What service from the above would your desire?

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Machine Translation Post Editing
Machine Translation Post Editing

The Mechanism of Machine Translation Post Editing

Machine translation post editing, as the term implies, starts with a translation project that is completed by machine translation tools that requires editing. Most businesses prefer and use this approach because it combines the speed of machine translation, the low machine translation post editing rates, and the expertise and eye of human translators. Further, MT post editing meaning is all about how it works. Step one starts when linguists begin by translating using computer-assisted translation tools (CAT). Such tools are way better and more accurate comparing to the fundamental standard provided by free internet platforms such as Google Translate. These tools typically deliver high-quality suggestions. And this is frequently accomplished by feeding already translated texts on the same subject into the said tools. Then, depending on the texts it has already evaluated, it can readily read the new material for similarities and recommend phrases setting the bar for machine translation post editing guidelines.

Then, following the completion of the machine translation, the translation will be thoroughly reviewed by a machine translation post editing expert. They begin working, abiding by machine translation post editing guidelines, on reviewing certain phrases, or even rewrite entire sentences to ensure that all of the material seems natural and relevant, resulting in high quality and flawless target translated text.

Machine Translation Post Editing Benefits

We, DTPZONE, offer professional machine translation post editing services, bringing a much-needed human touch to your work while also making essential quality improvements, so that it seems and feels more human, polished, and effective to your worldwide audience. Not only do our machine translation post editing include accurate and extensive editing and localization methods, but we also have the greatest machine translation post editing rates you can ever get in the region. We hold the pride that DTPZONE is one of the very first and most reputable translation agencies to provide quality machine translation post editing services to global and regional businesses guaranteeing them global reach and fast turnaround times at machine translation post editing rates.

Machine Translation Post Editing

Types of Machine Translation Post Editing

Machine translation post editing divides into two categories of services. It is not about quality but the level of attention to detail required in each project. Given that the bulk of professional translation service providers employ advanced neural machine translation engines and stick by machine translation post editing guidelines, the severity of the following post-editing process and methodology is determined by the translation project demands, as follows:

Minimal machine translation post editing

Because machine translation technology always advance, minimal post editing meets the bare minimum of machine translation post editing needs. In this sort of MTPE, linguists adjust and edit the machine's output for semantic or typographical issues, as well as any misunderstanding or incorrect information. It is, on the other hand, considered as the lowest machine translation post editing rates and works best on projects with minor quality concerns.

Complete machine translation post editing

This method of machine translation post editing puts its focus on applying aesthetic and structural changes, as well as producing translations of comparable quality to human translation. Although complete machine translation post editing is more expensive and time consuming, it leaves no room for any flaws. From grammatical and spelling corrections to writing style and linguistic expressions. The high machine translation post editing rates of this complete approach will pay off in terms of quality and quantity for critical businesses that seeks better tone of voice.

Putting Experience Into Practice

Regardless of the type your business needs, DTPZONE is here to offer consistent and speedy translation services through our machine translation post editing packages. We are known for incomparable machine translation post editing rates and untouched quality. Your global voice will surely be heard through our services and solution. Waste no more time and contact us to get your free quote and start your next machine translation post editing project.


Entrusted to deliver our clients’ messages all over the globe

Our MTPE specialists guarantee you the ease of communication with the market you are targeting in their own lingo. Keeping in mind cultural variations, industry requirements, and region specifications, they will be tailoring you a custom-fit service that speaks local and aims to go global. All done simply and efficiently by employing top-tier translators and professional linguists from all around the world to provide the best worldwide translation services you can’t find anywhere else. Put your trust in DTPZONE today.